Lovers’ Wish

In one wish…. Smeared along a russet mahogany pretzel china dish

A lonesome dandelion flourishes beside a candlelit wishing-well enlaced with sugarcoated amber satin ribbon edges

Only one wish?

Shyly…. I mutter aside the crispy sunflower yellow leaf tufted terracotta trenches  

‘I seek to be loved,

adored and

longed for….

On this timid ebonized shade of dusky night fall’

In candle wood and sandalwood splendor, ‘my wish aphoristically granted

wild ludicrous enchantment…

Like a magnetic resonance injected with multicolored zephyrs and tangerine honeydew wedges

Crafted with Precision… A perfect intuition

There, embellished with saffron tulip bulbs and bubblegum jelly road are pasteurized sage lemon lime hedges

A fanciful mysterious enigmatic love blended, it blossomed with cryptic crepe veiled unicorns, ecru henna fairies and jade ivy sprinkles  

‘A lover’s wish

Fashioned incandescent chandelier wrinkles

with marigold daffodils shined in frilly twill’

from a mellow ladybug love and an olive tinker shell, then the waterwheel begins to swell

To form a kaleidoscope of prismatic apricot jam filled skittles, spread inside my veins like bisque candy floss fizzles

‘his love…




It was a starlit saturated charm with burnt orange confetti, voyaging throughout the wayfarers’ mind

As exotic pineapple gelati scoops beyond the honeyed orange rind



Cinnamon cupcake wishes’

A blazing firecracker of firefly’s and Jasmine flamed butterflies, etched, embedded and embezzled in my spirited nexus

Evidently reckless….

Such a love

I am defenseless

In dawn break as it slowly nears, the lovers wish transforms to sour toffee apple cider tears

Delicately pruned with brittle patina copper blade spears

To a zesty lemonade tarts swill, as the wishing-well sips my heart’s thrill

This loving wish of mine with zealous passionate lies and speckled fresh apple-pies, begins to ascends up above the ginger speared sprightly atmospheric highs

I wave my wish fair well, while I nestle alongside that water-well

Still engrossed with hazel shaded dahlias and tawny petaled lilies, I rest my head between the whipped buttercup chantilly  

My eyes close

before I lose that twinkle in my sea-green eyes,

eternally to the thieving green-eyed skies

Only one wish….

One ephemeral unimaginable loving wish, that I gently place back onto that porcelain russet mahogany pretzel dish ‘Even a lover’s wish must end’

So I’ll wait for tomorrow to make this wish again, then my pain-stricken heart will hopefully mend

Published by silent poetry

Unraveling the pieces of my soul, putting it on paper, in it's raw and purest form.

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