It’s in the essence of longer, that I give to you my restless heart to that which is to conquer

And over time the echo of you entrusts my conscious mind,
to only take that which declined its entwine

Giving life to all the strain in my veins, I am engaged with shame of what the heart wants to blame

Yet I am envious of all to become,
I see the thorn that pricked my thumb placing index of refraction to fastigium

But admired in subconscious views of reality, a sense of wonder consoles the urgency of stars far from yonder

‘Create for me a lasting memory

to receive in vast lengthened majority

that will keep the soul adrift to an emotion of neverending intensity’

How can thee love me?…

when I am only a figment of your imagery, dreaming on my own in contemporary

With dried up tears to washed up eyes in the deepest of the nights edges there are spheres to adhere

It’s in your grace to a world of everything in disgrace,

where there is a place

that holds the sovran to the inner most embrace’

‘Looking up to skies of moon and shadow

that steal all the love once sealed with a kiss

wishing to appeal to that which is real for longer’


In freedom I will see you, wide eyed where the bridge of sacrifice is set to relinquish this paragon in rectify

As you are perturbed in a cascade of cloud dust sorrows reclusive of your tomorrow, ‘i’ll lend you my soul to borrow’

Though in my glossy eyes ache, I observe all that your fragile heart beckons to vindicate for my sake

‘and a dishonest silence appears,

shredding its downpour

of what will acquiesce distilled defiance’

With thirst you continue to feed your appetite delight, to a plague of hallucinations being dished on a gold plate of ultimatums alight

Stranded in a faux fable to an embodiment of disable, I reach for my souls metastable memory of all that’s able

In your agonise where vandalized eyes roam among an ailing hoax of that whats ostracised

I search for thy loves trapeze, to replenish my soul as it belongs to me, ‘i am its silver key

Though I do feel the force of your own souls demise, as it plummets in irritated cries despise

‘touch my heart with your fingers spaced apart

so that you will no longer live in fear

of whats to depart’

Now I am too branded in your harrows, to a history of ultimate mystery drenched in misery

I press my lips against yours…

and whisper did you miss me?

For its in the realm of starcluster,

where a luxury beholds the heart and soul to keep,

beneath its everlasting intimate reap’

With closed eyes

Torpid with open eyes apprise is a story,
shadowed by all that the intricate heart shares in glory

It’s beyond the crystal raindrops will you feel the pain,
painted endlessly as crescents refrain

Through your eyes dazed by hazed and gazed twilight skies,
I can see a reflection of me lost in the resemblance of your starless lies


Yet sleeping with open eyes

Though closed in dreamscape…’

There in our parting arms do we feel the pain of our loves grief,
It is there among auburn with a leaf

Blinded by the words you truly spoke, that filled the space with ebony ash smoke,
‘my heart was broke’

‘No minute to spare’

For a second past late could take all the souls in gravitate,
passed along the milky clouded air can our story forever emancipate

Though in wonderlust nearing the beauty of lunar,
‘do we heal the heart with trust’

Must my eyes remain closed?… ‘for the sense to linger next to the wilted roses that expose’

Thus when shaded in veils of mesmerise to nestle behind the verses of rehearse,

Like silhouettes at your disguise
‘Do I see the sunrise’…

So I hide my eyes, where they will open in the symphony of a stream passing through your dream


In silence my lips are moving to zoetic patterns as I imagine the words I long to speak in poetic satin

I stumble yet thumble to reveal simply a unique sigh

A soft subtle tranquil mumble….

With quivering lips placing numbness to my finger tips
And a twisted tongue inside folded aisles among camomile

‘With this whisper

In one memory

Of a moment’

Can only the delicate details of the heart set you free…

You could touch my lips to feel the vulnerability of my lack in speech, broken words unspoken in beseech wild peach

Listen to the crisp salty sea breeze…

Where you will hear the rise and fall of the breaths beneath my chest

To appease even the highest of coconut trees

See the sunset in copper immanent buff,  burn over a days enlightenment tuft

Refracted on the horizon with one last kiss…
Is the sun that fades to fringe the eventide amiss

Starry starry night sky gleaming in moonlight, far from starlight

There is a scent of me that floats to settle in rustling silver winds
Fragrant of strawberry with memoirs like jubilee

‘Breathe and you will live it

Breathe and you will reside inside it

Breathe and you can keep it’

To a sanctuary of wisdom in the pieces written though forgotten to time given

Only in the whispers of stillness do I speak the words I seek


Tulle diamond jewels and sea pearl blonde curls, platted with lilac roses that muse among the dullness in mude

The rose is the sweet air that I breath, my rhythm and emerald hues

Like the stars belong to the twilight sky, I belong to the glitter in your absent roses eye

Whilst in shadows of ebony…

‘the night is a slave to the moon

‘the moon a servant to the night’

I am captured….

Trapped…. victim in this succulent mirage of starlight and sugar dusted turkish delight

It’s in this rolodex of manifest and mystery songbirds may take flight

‘flying above and beyond

whirling misery transcending

a divergent history’

Among an odd silence of stars

A garden bed grows in my soul…..

‘With roses as old as time,

opening every folded petal

that clouded my auspicious mind’

It glows and it flows…

Buring roots as they steep into the loam that’s within, to nurtures my hearts sin

‘In beauty…

the rose shrouds its thorns that impart an alluding spark

rose after rose’

In each petals atom an iota of atomic diffusion rises to an imaginary illusion

After…. the beauty of the heart is quenched with thirst, as it drinks the water it pours to the roses silk accursed

Undress my soul…

For the roses you planted are swallowing it whole, sculpting an astronomical sinkhole

If I were to cut a single rose, where this garden grows will there still be an entire rose?

As without it…. ‘what will be of my roseberry rose garden umbra?’

To all it has imposed, left is a lavish primrose forced to sluggishly decompose


Clouds disperse to divulge a full moon in shadows that recede, I succumb to the comfort of the monsoon ‘black roses in full bloom’

Eventide rises obsidian skies of ash but plush dreams of wonders, there I cringe, unhinged as the window shudders

Beneath my pale snow-white skin of argent tussah and faded silken,

‘a pestilence endures


gnawing away at its delicately defined subtle contours’

Night after Night…

‘I wake, I sleep, I wake, I sleep’

Lurking nightfall with those monstrous beasts that feast on the weak

‘I walk, I stalk, I walk, I stalk’

To a stairwell, in the drifting sierra redwoods ascending up into cloudless hazel-wood

Bind and draped by a worn tattered unraveled bamboo rope, thread by thread I climb…

Hovering below a cellar door, through which I can see the ocean floor

As I reach the zenith crowned top…

‘quickly I drop…

dropping down a spiral wooden slope,

leaving me with no pleasurable hope’

Cast aside with no air… crestfallen, like a rabbit and hare fighting madly in despair

Though I gave you a lock and a key, covered in the flesh of my erased heart’s grudge

Curdled… it was a force of pulsating gravity, ‘a once unfeigned love’

Underneath my skin… where you are akin to all that is within ‘convoluted and polluted’

You caused an itch, a tickle I cannot scratch, a sting that will not hinder its splinter ping

It has patterned an Impression below my snow-white sequin skin, where the walls are limp and the blood that spindles the veins are thin

‘night is the colour

Colour is the night’

Shaded in dappled oyster dove, a rain puff generates above

Day after day… this infesting pang is hankering and ingesting

Devouring my skin layer upon layer….

as it begins to regrow in perfection, still it hungers monopolizing each moment of my soul like a slayer

Devoid of the love I once I had… ‘inch by Inch, with one little pretty blink of this olive-green eye, I flinch’

Gulp, gulp…

It slurps successively… within time every last tangible element of mine

Love sick

A tale once was shared, with absolute passion of a tenacious yielding irresistible romance

Though bound by fate, creed and status, which dammed their innocent souls to an annihilation war dance


Sick in love… with a single sip of a poisonous potion of sacrificial bond and unconditional devotion

Boh decided on that perpetual everlasting notion

So enslaved in their hearts infested titillation of this undying love, ‘imprisoned to one another’. in an unending slumber, their souls laid to rest for the fever in their heart to digest

Star-crossed lovers… with broken wings and faded rings, destined to part like all lovers with a broken heart

Though in dormancy you do not gaze in wonder, the touch you long to feel you cannot, your words you cannot speak as you mutter in a mere inaudible nonsensical mumble, ‘yet you allow yourself to crumble’

If only a love like this physically explicitly existed, then maybe the ravaged misery inside my jaded exhausted heart would be intrinsically untwisted

This love you speak of… Is it that intense, extreme, unimaginable and enchanting…?

That even in death you feel the hearts eternal emotion like soapy wave’s in the deep stormy ocean


is it the sweetness of your tender kiss and warm gentle embrace,

the magical glamorous look on your radiant face,

that urges us to leave together behind this manic preposterous retained place

Will my love ever be enough?

If I loved you more, more than what is humanly possible, more than our Juliette say 

Would you still have left me here on my own in this icy gizzard, to mourn your absence, to cry lonesome tears and to live in turmoil,

How sadly deplorable…

Now there’s a searing twinge in my soul quenched by the cold muddy waters from the crippled sharp shrapnel, that you fabricated of my innocent pure frail hearts ahold

Like a luminescent golden isle inside my spirit…

I pined for you

I burned for you

I ached for you’

Should I consume the boysenberry topped strawberry cheesecake for you too?

Within only moments of snatching my heart and soul, you obliterated it, you abolished us, we were lost in lust

As I viewed the smazy peppery wind whisk my anguish away in shrouds of rejected molecules and dejected dust  

I was…

Left. Alone. Sour. Broken. Bitter. Like a stale old rotten banana fritter

Time heals all ailments… So they say…

But it’s time that takes away all things living, ‘its irrevocable from the precise ultimate beginning’

Thus the agony of the lacerated heart cannot heal, like a plague it will stay lingering and pestering until doomsday entailment


Oh love story of insanity and sadness’


To my injured heart that somehow still zestfully beats beyond a hollow mellow core freezing shallow yellow


Grasp my hand, to a portal loop where a fallen star has lost its shoot It ceases time, exiting its tempo and tide Our fingers will entwine to a cosmic wonder-ride

Where time has no bound, its limitless, Souls escape the breathing space that the earthly clocks chronologically impound  

‘for its up above

that the foggy cloud’s eclipses evade the sands of time

In a single moment you can feel the hearts eternal key lime chime ‘

But in the orb of lunar, through the intergalactic nimbus will time reach a paradigm rhyme

As seconds drift away, off to the spiral galaxy ‘a star cluster paradox ignites the ozone air-glow gallery’

Fused between

a sunrise

and sunset

In time elapse, the journey relapses in a spacey crypt of lunette

This juncture reigns with just a nanosecond to the next, as minutes transpire creating an everlasting solar apex

An apex where spirits meet

memories begin and wounds fade

a facade of timeline ricochet

Time to reflect…

Time to regret…

and time to forget, the cloudless shadows of grey rhenic as lightening spheres of zirconium ambit as fast as sonic

May I stargaze across the laden stippled milky band? before I rip out my hair like purple rain one root at a time strand by strand

Afraid of what the future holds, a function of destiny only fate molds…

‘And the mirror,

the mirror looks deep into internal souls’

To an interminable glass stained intrusive doorway that enters our intimate essence, I look up to the moon’s glitter in reminiscence

‘Waiting for the past to end

the present to reside,

away from the mirror and its future I attempt to hide’

though I cannot forbid my eyes exigent dioxide

Thus, in cosmos I orbit where comets and stardust encrust to a requiem of nowhere no forever dreams or solar flare,

‘An arctic polar bear in solitaire time-square’

Like the moon flower, who wakes only in the night to end its life first sign of day light, ‘his is the soul’s inevitable plight’

Yet still we helplessly fight to capture our time as it ticks, eagerly stealing our stages and ages second by second,

without rhythm

without reason

without rhyme’

Does the heart defy time?

‘For it beats to a rhythm and a rhyme’

Though death entraps the pearly heart, paralyzing it, divulging its time traveled love whilst observing it depart

Will you now grasp my hand and escape the sands of time?

To a rainbow where yesterday, today and tomorrow may be evidently timelessly surpassingly….


Away… Behind the chocolate licorice truffle cake lake

An inconspicuous village strays, where an aristocrat diva is trapped in her platinum champagne archway chalet

But this dark diva preserves a grim miserable reclusive treasure

Beyond quantum linear measure it’s cloaked with smooth parting pebbles and sealed with a copper luster flamingo feather

From dawn till dusk

like the elephants ivory tusks

the ambiance is fermented in pungent mink musk’

But it’s a contagion that consumes the divas ornamented plethora of a heart, ‘Devouring her internal florescent spark’

‘This wretched forlorn treasure summons her name, wrapped in leather’

She plummets to her pear glazed windowpane, where charmed trestles of violet and periwinkle amethyst tulip’s floral, such a pastel coated coral aural

Through a cellophane glass tunnel she wanders in a tussle, to console her empty spiritual entity

Up above, an ancient sagacious owl hoots its echo that enfolds the steamy chilly charcoal mist, ‘stealth and on the prowl’

But below the glacier tunnel lies a desolate Japanese sakura tree, who flaunts her beautiful roseate cherry flowers for hours upon the archaic village clock towers

Through the earthy sludge and hands covered in thick fudge iced pudding mud, she searches in disarray for her banana split souffle hideaway

‘At last,

wallowed and hollowed there is the diva’s trinket box treasure’

Her fingers feel the sterling trimmed chiffon pipping gems with metallic chenille edges, treasures and hems


a winsome prima ballerina pirouettes

lost in love like Romeo and Juliette’

Rummaging in it there under the velvet pleasure is a dusty, disheveled puzzle piece, wrapped in blood stained ephor

Is this the missing piece of the Diva’s ever so cherished fragile heart?

that was eminently shred, guttered and torn apart? Like a vile work of luxurious art

She reaches inside her fleshly chest and she violently tears another piece of her pain and bloodshed, as blood stained tears swaddle the trinket chest crest



A puddle under her feet, slowly befuddles, leaving her in a curled-up muddle…

Like souvenirs of a fractured soul, she completes the puzzle, with more and more parts of her shattered hearts demolished extol

‘her dismantled chest, bare and wounded’

A void vessel, yet a promising gift for those who relish to embezzle

She tiptoes back along the honeycomb cream doused cellophane funnel to her sorrows are another despondent tomorrow

She shuts the window tight, as she creeps whilst she weeps


Her secret precious trinket box of her mutilated hearts’ puzzle piece treasures, remain under the rouge Japanese tree of leisure’s

Lovers’ Wish

In one wish…. Smeared along a russet mahogany pretzel china dish

A lonesome dandelion flourishes beside a candlelit wishing-well enlaced with sugarcoated amber satin ribbon edges

Only one wish?

Shyly…. I mutter aside the crispy sunflower yellow leaf tufted terracotta trenches  

‘I seek to be loved,

adored and

longed for….

On this timid ebonized shade of dusky night fall’

In candle wood and sandalwood splendor, ‘my wish aphoristically granted

wild ludicrous enchantment…

Like a magnetic resonance injected with multicolored zephyrs and tangerine honeydew wedges

Crafted with Precision… A perfect intuition

There, embellished with saffron tulip bulbs and bubblegum jelly road are pasteurized sage lemon lime hedges

A fanciful mysterious enigmatic love blended, it blossomed with cryptic crepe veiled unicorns, ecru henna fairies and jade ivy sprinkles  

‘A lover’s wish

Fashioned incandescent chandelier wrinkles

with marigold daffodils shined in frilly twill’

from a mellow ladybug love and an olive tinker shell, then the waterwheel begins to swell

To form a kaleidoscope of prismatic apricot jam filled skittles, spread inside my veins like bisque candy floss fizzles

‘his love…




It was a starlit saturated charm with burnt orange confetti, voyaging throughout the wayfarers’ mind

As exotic pineapple gelati scoops beyond the honeyed orange rind



Cinnamon cupcake wishes’

A blazing firecracker of firefly’s and Jasmine flamed butterflies, etched, embedded and embezzled in my spirited nexus

Evidently reckless….

Such a love

I am defenseless

In dawn break as it slowly nears, the lovers wish transforms to sour toffee apple cider tears

Delicately pruned with brittle patina copper blade spears

To a zesty lemonade tarts swill, as the wishing-well sips my heart’s thrill

This loving wish of mine with zealous passionate lies and speckled fresh apple-pies, begins to ascends up above the ginger speared sprightly atmospheric highs

I wave my wish fair well, while I nestle alongside that water-well

Still engrossed with hazel shaded dahlias and tawny petaled lilies, I rest my head between the whipped buttercup chantilly  

My eyes close

before I lose that twinkle in my sea-green eyes,

eternally to the thieving green-eyed skies

Only one wish….

One ephemeral unimaginable loving wish, that I gently place back onto that porcelain russet mahogany pretzel dish ‘Even a lover’s wish must end’

So I’ll wait for tomorrow to make this wish again, then my pain-stricken heart will hopefully mend